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This technique is completely non-invasive. There are no needles, bloodwork, pin pricks, or anything damaging. The entire process is done with a gentle touch and light pressure on your arm and accupressure points.


Nutrition Response Testing is incredibly accurate. Your body will not lie when it is signaling a stressor or showing that it needs a specific nutrient.


Nothing else works better to determine what your body needs and what your body wants you to avoid. Our testing reads your body's natural reflexes. These reflexes help us determine how your nervous system reacts to different foods and substances.


There are no surgeries or artificial drugs. Everything that we do revolves around using food and herbs that come from nature. Proper Designed Clinical Nutrition is the most natural way to heal your body.


There is no technique that is safer than Nutrition Response Testing. At the very worst you will eat wholesome nutritious foods and all natural supplements. At the very best, you will regain control over your health and heal, naturally.


Nutrition Response Testing is efficient. Once your program has been designed and your nutrition has been corrected your body will start healing at rates you may have never experienced before.

When Nothing Else Seems to Work…
When the doctors can’t seem to find a solution and the drugs don’t actually get you better. It’s time to seek a real and natural solution. Nutrition is the most powerful healer.




Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive, natural, and safe means of analyzing the body’s nutritional and physical needs. It’s a method of testing that can be used to locate immune stressors, toxins, food intolerances and recognize both herbal and dietary remedies that will help you feel amazing. If your body was given the ability to talk, what would it say about your health and wellbeing? With Nutrition Response Testing, we are able to listen to delicate indicators of the nervous system that help us to identify the status of your organs and systems. After the analysis, we can create a natural health improvement program, also know as Designed Clinical Nutrition, that will help you to properly handle any stressors or conditions that your body is currently dealing with. The testing allows us to figure out the meridians that are weak and why they’re weak. These weaknesses are likely to show up if someone has any of the following:
  • Scars that haven’t been correctly healed
  • Inability to detoxify
  • Chemical overload from the environment
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Leaky gut
  • Food sensitivities
  • Food allergies
  • Infections
  • Emotional stress
  • Poor nutrition
Usually, if these weaknesses aren’t identified and properly handled, they can lead to severe discomfort. Many times these problems are often unexplainable by other means. Doctors will suggest drugs and  surgery as a means to fixing the symptoms without being able to identify the underlying problem. The problem with chronic illness is almost always a nutritional deficiency or overexposure to an environmental stressor. Nutrition response testing is a study of how various points on the surface of your body controls the state of health and the flow of energy in every function and organ of the body. Nutrition response testing is used to gather, vital information about the bio-energetic conditions of your body at a cellular level. By testing your muscles, we are able to monitor your body at every visit. We can find out what is weak and the reason why it is weak. Then we will help you to design a personalized healing program which incorporates specific supplements and dietary changes to bring the body back into balance. Doesn’t it sound amazing that with our nutrition response testing service, you’ll be able to know with certainty what your body needs to get you to the next stage of improved health? The human body is alive and active. For it to survive and function with vitality, it constantly desires proper nutrients. Usually, a lot of people eat their way into their health problems, but with our nutrition testing services, you can also eat your way out of them. If you’re looking to regain control of your health, maintain your health or you just don’t feel like yourself, then this program is perfect for you. Our nutrition testing service is a highly developed approach to wellness based on individual needs. Once you’ve made the changes that come with nutrition response testing, you’ll feel more energetic, lighter, and experience a greater feeling of well-being. If you want to experience this powerful and non-invasive approach to healing, then you can CONTACT US, and we’ll hold your hand through the steps to begin your new health journey.



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