Mindi W. Avatar
Mindi W.

I absolutely LOVE going to see Dr. Birchann! I started seeing her for chiropractic after a car accident. Not only does she help me feel well physically as I continue to see her for regular maintenance after recovery from my accident (and she is phenomenal at this), but Dr. Birchann also takes time to actually get to know me in a respectful way so I feel truly cared about from all angles. I just started working with her on nutrition to continue on the path to overall wellness. Thank you, Dr. Birchann! - 9/14/2019

Amina O. Avatar
Amina O.

I have been seeing Dr Birchann for several years now and she is delightful. She cracks me like a glow stick every time. Her adjustments make a huge difference for my well-being and athletic performance! I highly recommend her. - 7/30/2020

Taylor P. Avatar
Taylor P.

Dr. Birchann is absolutely one of a kind! I have suffered chronic back pain for going on 11 years and she has made the BIGGEST difference in my spine health. I have seen other chiropractors in the past and she is by far the most thorough. I like the tell my friends that she will adjust everything from your big toe to your thumb (she believes that you can't just adjust the spine, you have to look at the body as a whole)... THAT'S how thorough she is! In addition to being thorough Dr. Birchann is extremely safe. If your body is not ready for an adjustment she will not force and she asked before making any adjustment. This made me feel respected as a patient and trusting in her practice. Dr. Birchann took every concern I had about my body into consideration and helped me live a way more mobile, enjoyable life.

In addition to her fantastic chiropractic care, Dr. Birchann practices Nutrition Response Testing. If you have any nutritional concerns and have not talked to Dr. Birchann about them definitely do so! This practice may seem a little un-conventional but it absolutely works. Through Dr. Birchann's care I was able to overcome chronic fatigue and figure out what my body needed to perform with high efficiency.

I made the drive from Denver 2x a week to see her and never once minded it, I actually looked forward to our sessions! I have recently moved out of state and one of the biggest losses of that move is that I no longer can receive care from Dr. Birchann. I would recommend her to anyone if the Boulder/Denver area.
- 9/14/2019

Erika S. Avatar
Erika S.

I grew up the child of a very effective chiropractic adjuster and so I consider myself rather picky when it comes to Chiropractors. Dr. Paffenbarger is FANTASTIC. She is a great adjuster AND she is extremely thorough in her approach. She can also hone in on what is missing nutritionally to help your adjustments stay in place longer. In a place like Boulder you have so many options- look no further. She is GREAT! - 12/08/2018

Alexandra L. Avatar
Alexandra L.

This was my first experience with chiropractic care and Dr. Birchann made it a pleasant and safe environment. I did not tell the Dr prior but I suffer from extreme anxiety and C-PTSD. She was open, welcoming and explained each step of the process. She explained what she was doing, asked before touching and consistently checked in with me to see if I was doing alright. I highly recommend Dr. Birchann for her welcoming demeanor and vast knowledge. - 8/06/2020

Emily W. Avatar
Emily W.

I had never been to a chiropractor before, but when I heard about Birchann's nutrition response testing program, I knew I had to try it and was blown away! She is a wonderful person and her technique helped give me more energy and finally feel better. I highly recommend Birchann to anyone! - 9/14/2019

Monica M. Avatar
Monica M.

Dr. Quinci is amazing!! She is very knowledgeable and always explains everything in terms I can understand. Highly recommend! - 4/10/2024

Miss M. Avatar
Miss M.

5 star rating Thankful to have found Dr Birchann! A car accident left me with some major neck problems. She has helped immensely! I've tried four other chiros and she is by the the best, helped with issues I didn't even realize needed adjustments. I feel taller and so much better in my body. She uses a tool called an activator, which I find to be a game changer in chiropractic care. Highly recommend!! - 9/13/2017

Jake K. Avatar
Jake K.

I had never seen a chiropractor before seeing Dr. Birchann, and I was very impressed with her. She was very kind, knowledgeable, and she did a great job explaining what she was doing and making sure I was comfortable the entire time. I will definitely be a returning patient! - 3/25/2019

krista b. Avatar
krista b.

Dr. Birchann Martin is the best! I highly recommend her. I have been seeing her for about 9 months and have seen great improvements in my digestion and alignment. Best chiro in boulder; hands down! - 1/22/2020

Amy W. Avatar
Amy W.

Dr. Sherry Choi has succeeded in eliminating my long-standing issues from injuries where others have not. Cannot say enough good things about this chiropractor (who also does acupuncture). I feel so grateful to have found her! - 10/22/2022

Cynthia B. Avatar
Cynthia B.

I highly recommend Boulder Chiropractic. After a bad experience with a different chiropractor, I was nervous about attempting this modality of treatment again. A friend repeatedly encouraged me to try Dr. Martin, and her approach immediately made me feel comfortable. I appreciate that she communicates clearly about what she is about to do, and she never pressures me to adjust me in a way that I am not prepared for. The addition of Dr. Choi has allowed for Boulder Chiropractic to grow and offer more appointment availability, and Dr. Choi complements Dr. Martin really well — they are a dream team. - 6/16/2023

Allishea B. Avatar
Allishea B.

I highly recommend Boulder Chiropractic & Nutrition. After my adjustments with Dr. Birchann I start to feel “just like new again”. She is very knowledgeable and makes me feel very comfortable during the whole process. The staff is friendly and it’s easy to schedule online or in the office. - 7/29/2021

Nick C. Avatar
Nick C.

Dr. Birchann has helped me so much. A year ago I came in hoping she could help me with some food sensitivities I have developed over the years. She identified my problem and gave me the supplements I needed to reverse my issue and let my gut heal. I would say I am cured now! Amazing! This year I had a rib injury that she has helped me with tremendously. I would once again say, I am healed and able to live my active lifestyle without any limitations and I am pain free again! Dr. Birchann is compassionate and easy to talk to and she is a great listener. Furthermore, her skill set is off the charts! I am a big guy and she can adjust me no problem and she was gentle with me when I was in lots of pain (which I really appreciated).
I am so happy I chose to go to Boulder Chiropractic and Nutrition.
- 3/30/2023

Rebekah V. Avatar
Rebekah V.

I've been coming to this practice for about 6 years. Dr. Birchann has adjusted me during both of my pregnancies as well as post partum. She's adjusted my children since birth, which has aided them with their many tumbles as they've grown older. My kids and I thrive on the supplements, Dr. Birchann has muscle tested us for. We love Boulder Chiropractic and Nutrition ❤️ - 6/16/2023

Amber H. Avatar
Amber H.

I feel so comfortable discussing my concerns or issues with Dr. Birchann. She helped me through two pregnancies and I continue to see her outside of pregnancy. She is caring, thorough, and gentle. I highly recommend! - 9/14/2019

Becky G. Avatar
Becky G.

Dr. Martin is amazing. My entire family have been trusting her with our bodies for a couple of years now and won't go to another chiropractic office. Thank you for helping us so much with our health! - 11/20/2022

Judith B. Avatar
Judith B.

Wonderful treatment that got me functional the day following. Wish I hadn't moved furniture and ignored my discomfort for several days but I was hurting. She is knowledgeable and intuitive. Today I am moving freely and am able to stretch and continue healing. Woohoo - 9/14/2019

Mindi W. Avatar
Mindi W.

I LOVE going to see Dr. Birchann! I originally started seeing her after a car accident (and she did a GREAT job handling the reports with the insurance), but I definitely plan to go back for periodic adjustments. She's gentle and firm when needed and her attitude is always a highlight in my day. Thank you for an excellent experience! - 9/14/2019

Omar B. Avatar
Omar B.

Birchann is amazing and goes above and beyond for her patients. I am extremely pleased with my results so far and I am feeling a little better every week. So blessed to have found such a talented healer. I highly recommend seeing her! - 8/13/2019

Amy W. Avatar
Amy W.

Dr. Birchann is wonderful. She took time to really understand my body, my lifestyle, and my pregnancy. Since getting adjusted, I’ve noticed less pain, better sleep, and fuller breaths. Her scheduling makes it easy for me to find appointments, and the front desk made working with insurance a breeze. So happy to find excellent care during pregnancy and beyond. - 6/19/2023

Shelly S.

- 9/14/2019

Courtney B. Avatar
Courtney B.

I am so lucky I discovered B C & N when I had injuries to go my neck, shoulder, and back- but what I quickly learned is that they treat you as a whole person and look out for every part of your body and your well being as they treat you. Very thorough. Very dedicated. Thank you! - 11/18/2022

P H. Avatar
P H.

Dr. Birchann is second to none, and I am loving my experience with this practice! I've seen great improvements in my back pain since starting 6 weeks ago, and her ability to provide the "wholistic wellness" approach sets her apart. Not only is she good at her job, but she cares about her patients more than I've seen. Will be recommending this practice to all of my friends... oh and the front desk help is great too! - 12/28/2018

A G. Avatar
A G.

I came to Dr. Martin with a severely pinched nerve. She’s in high demand, but made a point to see me on short notice. She explored things with me from a much deeper level than any chiropractor I’ve seen previously, and performed incredibly gentle adjustments. I was able to give me immediate relief, and I couldn’t be more grateful! If you’re looking for a wellness practitioner to take things much further then cracking your back and sending you on your way, Dr. Martin is a shining example of what true chiropractic is and should be! - 7/06/2020

Morgane M. Avatar
Morgane M.

Our family is so grateful for Boulder Chiropractic. I began coming here once I was pregnant (3 years ago) and I received the most amazing care. I did both massage and chiropractic adjustments. I had a very easy pregnancy and birth, thankfully to my small (due to Covid) but amazing team. Few years later I was in a car accident and I really have no words to say how amazing I felt cared for by both Dr. Choy and Dr. Martin. I have recommended many people here and will continue to do so. I’ve always had a great experience! - 6/20/2023

Wendy H. Avatar
Wendy H.

I've been seeing Dr. Birchann for almost 5 years and I can't recommend her more highly. Dr. B works on all kinds of bodies (adults, kids, pre/postnatal) with an attention to detail that takes into account the whole person. She is extremely talented and a student of body systems, so I also so her for Nutrion Response Testing, and have benefitted from implementing it's practices for almost a year now. I think Dr. Martin is one of the best in our city - 6/17/2019

Jared M. Avatar
Jared M.

I do manual labor (auto mechanic) and I came to Birchann as a basket case of aches, pains, and popping joints. After just a few visits Birchann not only solved the original issue I had come in for, but also incidentally cured a number of other problems I was having that I had just attributed to “old age.” The rest of the staff is friendly and wonderful to deal with. The fee structure is reasonable and worth the money, even out of pocket. If I could give 10 stars I would. Thanks guys! - 11/15/2019

A G. Avatar
A G.

This was my first experience with chiropractic care and Dr. Birchann made it a pleasant and safe environment. I did not tell the Dr prior but I suffer from extreme anxiety and C-PTSD. She was open, welcoming and explained each step of the process. She explained what she was doing, asked before touching and consistently checked in with me to see if I was doing alright. I highly recommend Dr. Birchann for her welcoming demeanor and vast knowledge. - 8/06/2020

Catherine M. Avatar
Catherine M.

After suffering with numerous health conditions over several years I was referred to Birchann. The changes in progressing towards health have been amazing. Not just chiropractic but I also began the nutrition program and it has all made a huge difference in my life. - 9/14/2019



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