Kathryn W. Avatar
Kathryn W.

We are so pleased to have the professional knowledge and care of Dr. Birchann to keep or bodies in balance and help manage our various physical challenges. With her regular treatment, my husband and I have found that we can continue to lead active lives and do so relatively pain free. We highly recommend her care. - 2/02/2020

Brooke W. Avatar
Brooke W.

Dr. Birchann Paffenbarger is the best chiropractor I've ever had. She makes you feel very comfortable in the office and the treatment is gentle and extremely effective. I recommend her to everyone I know! - 9/14/2019

Esther G. Avatar
Esther G.

Dr. Bircham is amazing! She is caring and determined to finding the cause of your condition! Her passion for health is infectious! - 9/14/2019

Shelly S.

- 9/14/2019

Amber H. Avatar
Amber H.

I feel so comfortable discussing my concerns or issues with Dr. Birchann. She helped me through two pregnancies and I continue to see her outside of pregnancy. She is caring, thorough, and gentle. I highly recommend! - 9/14/2019

Brooke W. Avatar
Brooke W.

5 star rating Dr. Birchann Paffenbarger is the best chiropractor I've ever had. She makes you feel very comfortable in the office and the treatment is gentle and extremely effective. I recommend her to everyone I know! - 5/18/2016

Taylor P. Avatar
Taylor P.

Dr. Birchann is absolutely one of a kind! I have suffered chronic back pain for going on 11 years and she has made the BIGGEST difference in my spine health. I have seen other chiropractors in the past and she is by far the most thorough. I like the tell my friends that she will adjust everything from your big toe to your thumb (she believes that you can't just adjust the spine, you have to look at the body as a whole)... THAT'S how thorough she is! In addition to being thorough Dr. Birchann is extremely safe. If your body is not ready for an adjustment she will not force and she asked before making any adjustment. This made me feel respected as a patient and trusting in her practice. Dr. Birchann took every concern I had about my body into consideration and helped me live a way more mobile, enjoyable life.

In addition to her fantastic chiropractic care, Dr. Birchann practices Nutrition Response Testing. If you have any nutritional concerns and have not talked to Dr. Birchann about them definitely do so! This practice may seem a little un-conventional but it absolutely works. Through Dr. Birchann's care I was able to overcome chronic fatigue and figure out what my body needed to perform with high efficiency.

I made the drive from Denver 2x a week to see her and never once minded it, I actually looked forward to our sessions! I have recently moved out of state and one of the biggest losses of that move is that I no longer can receive care from Dr. Birchann. I would recommend her to anyone if the Boulder/Denver area.
- 9/14/2019

Maragaret L. Avatar
Maragaret L.

I wanted to tell you that whatever you did to my pelvis has made the problem go away, and even my post-op shoulder feels a bit better!! Thank you! You are magic! - 9/14/2019

Annie K. Avatar
Annie K.

Dr. Birchann Paffenbarger is incredible. She really cares about your overall health and is incredibly skilled at what she does. Every experience here has been wonderful. I highly recommend. - 9/14/2019

Paralee W. Avatar
Paralee W.

- 9/14/2019

Cynthia S. Avatar
Cynthia S.

5 star rating I have been fear ridden of working with a chiropractor, even with ongoing pinched nerve issues in my neck for years. I came to Birch Ann at a point of desperation, having had one experience with a chiropractor in the past that was a mixed experience. She validated and respected my concerns of the traditional neck-cracking adjustment, and proceeded to work a few, very gentle-touch movements on me that I was convinced would yield no result. I was shocked to stand up fifteen minutes later with mobility that I was no where near experiencing when I arrived. I couldn't be more pleased with my experience with this doctor, and the relief that she gave me with such subtlety. There need to be more chiropractors that model her practice. Thank you Birch Ann! - 2/24/2012

Brahndon B. Avatar
Brahndon B.

Birchanne is amazing lover her - 9/14/2019

Mindi W. Avatar
Mindi W.

I LOVE going to see Dr. Birchann! I originally started seeing her after a car accident (and she did a GREAT job handling the reports with the insurance), but I definitely plan to go back for periodic adjustments. She's gentle and firm when needed and her attitude is always a highlight in my day. Thank you for an excellent experience! - 9/14/2019

krista b. Avatar
krista b.

Dr. Birchann Martin is the best! I highly recommend her. I have been seeing her for about 9 months and have seen great improvements in my digestion and alignment. Best chiro in boulder; hands down! - 1/22/2020

Renee R. Avatar
Renee R.

Highly recommend Boulder Chiropractic! Came here after getting rear ended in a minor MVA and having auto insurance coverage for chiropractic care. Boulder Chiropractic has been great to work with, easy to schedule with, and is filing the insurance directly with the insurance company, which has made it so much easier for me to receive care. Dr. Birchann is a wonderful chiropractor and has been enjoyable to talk to as I’ve been able to relax while she gently and precisely adjusts the bones of my body. Since receiving chiropractic care I’ve felt more pain free and more freedom and ease in my movement, especially my neck and jaw. So happy I found my way to Dr. Birchann’s care! - 1/22/2020

Wendy H. Avatar
Wendy H.

I've been seeing Dr. Birchann for almost 5 years and I can't recommend her more highly. Dr. B works on all kinds of bodies (adults, kids, pre/postnatal) with an attention to detail that takes into account the whole person. She is extremely talented and a student of body systems, so I also so her for Nutrion Response Testing, and have benefitted from implementing it's practices for almost a year now. I think Dr. Martin is one of the best in our city - 6/17/2019

Rob W. Avatar
Rob W.

I have been going to Birchann, along with my wife, daughter and son, for years. She has been a wonderful help to all of us. She is friendly, compassionate and really knows her profession. She's great! - 9/14/2019

Sara M. Avatar
Sara M.

Sara M Fantastic! Dr. Birchann goes above and beyond. She helped me all through my pregnancy and beyond and now sees my infant and husband as well! - 9/14/2019

Jason M. Avatar
Jason M.

I do manual labor (auto mechanic) and I came to Birchann as a basket case of aches, pains, and popping joints. After just a few visits Birchann not only solved the original issue I had come in for, but also incidentally cured a number of other problems I was having that I had just attributed to “old age.” The rest of the staff is friendly and wonderful to deal with. The fee structure is reasonable and worth the money, even out of pocket. If I could give 10 stars I would. Thanks guys! - 11/15/2019

Takela F. Avatar
Takela F.

Dr. Birchann is the absolute best! Kind, communicative, and incredibly skilled, she always knows exactly what my body needs to work it's best! - 9/14/2019

P. H. Avatar
P. H.

Dr. Birchann is second to none, and I am loving my experience with this practice! I've seen great improvements in my back pain since starting 6 weeks ago, and her ability to provide the "wholistic wellness" approach sets her apart. Not only is she good at her job, but she cares about her patients more than I've seen. Will be recommending this practice to all of my friends... oh and the front desk help is great too! - 9/14/2019

Ellen P. Avatar
Ellen P.

I have been receiving chiropractic care on and off over the last 20 years. Dr. Birchann was highly recommended by a friend and I couldn’t be more pleased with the care she provides. She gives the most thorough adjustment I have ever received from a chiropractor. I have been so pleased with the results that I now bring my 3 kiddos to her as well. I highly recommend Dr. Birchann, you won’t be disappointed! - 2/03/2020

Bridget B. Avatar
Bridget B.

Birchann has been my chiropractor for a couple of years and I have had a great experience. Recently I brought my newborn to her. We had been struggling with eating efficiently and spitting up. Birchann adjusted her and within the day, we were already having more effective sleep and eating. Would highly recommend her for prenatal and postnatal care for Mom and baby. - 2/20/2020

Helena M. Avatar
Helena M.

Dr Birchann is an amazing healer! She takes care to ensure every detail is handled. She is limitless in her abilities to unlock any barrier to healing. I love that she now has the nutritional tools that make her stand out from the rest. I can't wait to see her again so I can get my spine checked and handled! Do not hesitate to call her office for help today! - 2/18/2019

Jake K. Avatar
Jake K.

I had never seen a chiropractor before seeing Dr. Birchann, and I was very impressed with her. She was very kind, knowledgeable, and she did a great job explaining what she was doing and making sure I was comfortable the entire time. I will definitely be a returning patient! - 3/25/2019

Stacie V. Avatar
Stacie V.

Birchann is not only an amazing doctor but also an amazing person who genuinely cares for her patient's needs.
I am so grateful I found her because she helped me feel better than I have in years! Through chiropractic- my shoulder injury healed, I have better mobility in my neck, and less pain in everyday life.
I saw the biggest changes using her nutritional program - I struggled for years with weird stomach and bowel issues. After going through her program for just 6 months, I now have a fully functional gut, almost no symptoms, and I have the info I need to eat for my body type.
Highly recommend Birchann to enhance the way you feel in everyday life!
- 9/14/2019

Emily W. Avatar
Emily W.

I had never been to a chiropractor before, but when I heard about Birchann's nutrition response testing program, I knew I had to try it and was blown away! She is a wonderful person and her technique helped give me more energy and finally feel better. I highly recommend Birchann to anyone! - 9/14/2019

Daniella S. Avatar
Daniella S.

I have had chiropractic care in several states for several years. Dr Birchann is by far the most thorough and caring chiropractor that I have ever seen. She treats the whole body and cares about the root of the problem. She is there to help you get to a point of maintenance, which is such a refreshing experience. I have seen too many chiropractors that are just about a quick adjustment and having you come in two/three times a week. I cannot say enough about the care Dr Birchann provides. - 9/14/2019

Catherine M. Avatar
Catherine M.

After suffering with numerous health conditions over several years I was referred to Birchann. The changes in progressing towards health have been amazing. Not just chiropractic but I also began the nutrition program and it has all made a huge difference in my life. - 9/14/2019

Judith B. Avatar
Judith B.

Wonderful treatment that got me functional the day following. Wish I hadn't moved furniture and ignored my discomfort for several days but I was hurting. She is knowledgeable and intuitive. Today I am moving freely and am able to stretch and continue healing. Woohoo - 9/14/2019