What is Health?

Today the common medical model is one of treating symptoms. At Boulder Chiropractic our goal is to address the cause. This results in the resolution of symptoms! 

Asking the body specific questions can reveal much about how and why it is functioning the way it is.  

Is health the absence of symptoms?

At Boulder Chiropractic we view health as more than the absence of disease or symptoms. It is the balance of physical, chemical and emotional components of the whole person. If one is not cared for, then the others are effected. 


A healthy body functioning in harmony with the world around it. This includes a healthy nervous system, proper organ function, balanced muscles and freely mobile joints. 


We eat them in our food and drink them in our water. Minimizing harmful chemicals and creating a balance of good nutrition is important.


As humans we experience stressors regularly. It is a matter of how we cope and adapt to them that determines emotional wellness.

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